Welcome to Nature’s Pulchritude.

Welcome to Nature’s Pulchritude. As the name suggests, we appreciate nature’s pulchritude (beauty) and want others to appreciate it as well. As a society we have become increasingly disconnected from nature, be it through technology, artificial and modified foods, or the synthetic chemicals that are laden in our personal care products. Take a step back and engage with your surroundings–with nature and the envionment! Realize that many of the personal care products we use and ‘foods’ we eat are simply recreating what already exists in all its pulchritudinous glory in nature. This blog will feature a variety of content (such as product reviews, news, and educational pieces) from an environmental perspective, but with flair, pizzaz, and of course pulchritude. I want you to read this blog and feel enlightened and empowered to make informed decisions for yourself (and your family) by thinking of how the products and foods you buy impact your health and the environment. I invite you, encourage you, dare you, to eliminate the middlemen, the synthetics, and the artificial fillers and enjoy Nature’s Pulchritude.

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