What Are You (Really) Eating This Super Bowl Sunday?

If you plan on watching the Super Bowl (or attending watch parties for the snacks [and good company of course]), chances are you will be enjoying various tasty snacks like everyone else.  As you enjoy your wings, pretzels, chips, dips, and salsa, take a moment to think about where your food came from–before it was purchased at the store.  It was once existing in or on the ground in some capacity.  Did you know you may be consuming genetically modified organisms?  Genetically modified organisms refers to crops that have had their genetics altered for a particular purpose.  Presently, most genetically modified are designed to be resistant to pesticides, improve crop yields, though they make also be drought resistant.

Where you may find GMOs, or GMO contaminated foods

Tortilla Chips


Did you know that most corn (and its by products) in the United States is genetically modified?  Buy chips that specifically state “No GMOS” or are USDA certified organic to avoid GMO corn.  If you purchase from a retailer like Costco, a large bag of organic tortilla chips is about $4.99, only a dollar more than standard tortilla chips.

Chicken Wings

Did you know that most chicken and other livestock are feed “All Vegetarian” diets, which typically include GMO corn, soy, and alfalfa.  If it’s in your budget, purchase grass-fed or organic chicken.  If not, no problem!

Hamburgers & Sliders

Cattle are fed a similar diet to chickens.  Purchase grass-fed or organic beef to avoid GMOs.

Potato Chips

Potatoes have also been genetically modified.  Buy organic or GMO free labeled products.

Dip and Cheese

The milk in these products likely come from cows that have been fed GMO “All Vegetarian” diets.  Some of these cows are also treated with growth hormones like rBST.  Opt for organic cheese, milk, or cream instead.  If the product is store bought try to purchase organic or GMO free if available.

Soda and Juices

If there is high fructose corn syrup on the ingredient label, chances are it’s from genetically modified corn.  Opt for juices that do not contain HFCS, are labeled “No Sugar Added,” or see if you can still snag a bottle/can of “real sugar” soda!

The major take away here is awareness!  Always remember to purchase what best suits your budget and lifestyle needs.  Meats can be expensive to buy organic, but many stores offer certified organic products, such as various dairy products, that are in the same price range as standard products.

Did you know that these foods may contain genetically modified ingredients?  Are there any snacks that I left off this list?

**None of these images are my own, no copyright infringement intended.


6 thoughts on “What Are You (Really) Eating This Super Bowl Sunday?”

  1. It’s so worth it to buy organic. I always tell people, if they’re not willing to buy organic for their own health, then they should at least choose to do so for the health of the environment. It’s just logical, we all have to live on this planet, as will our kids and our grand kids.

  2. Great job! I can’t help but sometimes feel annoyed at the number of people who can’t understand the dangers of these foods. Even if they don’t think the genetic modification is bad, they all are heavily treated with pesticides and there is plenty of scientific proof of what the chemicals do to us. 🙂

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