Introducing… The Globes featuring Oyin Handmade

The Globes” will be a series of posts that highlight companies and organizations that make high quality personal care products and cosmetics, utilizing natural and organic ingredients.

In honor of Black History Month, February’s “The Globes” will feature black owned businesses with a commitment to high quality products and ingredients.  Each company has been carefully selected because they align with focal points of this site.  None of these companies have paid to be featured and all opinions are my own!

Oyin Handmade

Oyin Handmade
Image courtesy of Oyin Handmade

If you have natural hair, chances are you have heard of Oyin Handmade.  The company was founded in 2001 by Jamyla Bennu and is based out of Baltimore, Maryland.  Jamyla’s vision was to create natural body care products with quality and nourishing ingredients, which she has accomplished and expanded upon.  The company offers a variety of products for hair and skin, which are all handmade in small batches.  Oyin products never use “petroleum, silicones, parabens, or non-nourishing fillers,” but instead utilize ingredients such as “unrefined shea butter, nutritive sea vegetables, pure aloe vera juice, nourishing vitamins, and herbal infusions” which are “chosen for their beneficial and healing properties.”  Natural and nourishing, we love it!  They also offer several vegan products for those of you are on the hunt for quality vegan products (Greg Juice, Grand Poo Bar, Funk Butter, AfterBath Oil, Coffee Butter Lip Balm, Burnt Sugar Braid Pomade, and Whipped Shea Butter).

I have personally used their products (Honey Hemp Conditioner, Whipped Pudding, and Shine & Define) and each had great ingredients, performed up to their claims, and the fact that they smelled divine didn’t hurt!  Nature’s Pulchritude is delighted to present Oyin Handmade with the inaugural “Globe” of recognition!

Fun Facts:  Their store (open Saturday’s) in Baltimore just celebrated its 5 year anniversary (congrats)!   Oyin is the Yoruba word for honey.

Visit their website to learn more about their products!

If you would like your business featured or would like to recommend a business to be featured in “The Globes,” visit the “Contact” page to get in touch with us!

Have you ever tried Oyin Handmade products, what were your experiences?


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