4 Reasons You Should Care About the Ingredients In Your Products

1.  Better Results:  Some products on the market contain cheap fillers that do not appropriately address the reason you are purchasing the product.  Example:  Lotion.  Have you ever used a lotion and noticed that your skin and hands just never feel quite moisturized?  That’s because the product is not properly moisturizing your skin.  Instead opt for a butter (shea, cocoa, etc.) based product without fillers like dimethicone and mineral oil.

2.  Value:  Many products, whether the lotion in a major chain retailer or the face cream in a high end department store, contain some questionable ingredients, with prices ranging from $6 for 20 oz. to $155 for 1 oz.  Based on the ingredients, many of these products are overpriced.  Many all natural products contain quality ingredients that are in the same general price range per ounce and work much better.  Or you can always make your own moisturizer which will save you money in the long run and leave you with better skin (and hair).

3.  Toxins and Cancer:  Skin is the largest organ of the human body and absorbs what you put on it.  Many products on the market, including those marketed as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ (but not USDA certified), contain chemicals that can be toxic to humans and wildlife; irritants to skin, eyes, and lungs; and have been scientifically proven to cause cancer.  The quantities of these known toxic chemicals, and suspected carcinogens and toxins, vary from low to high depending on the product, and continuous use of these products (chronic exposure) can have a multitude of negative health effects.


4.  Protect Yourself (and your Family).  Current cosmetics laws in the United States are antiquated and do not adequately protect consumers.  By simply reading the product label you can make better decisions and provide yourself with a high level of protection that legislation currently does not provide.  Additionally, some natural ingredients can cause skin irritation (essential oils) in select individuals, being knowledgeable of this can help you avoid ingredients that irritate your skin.


For tips on how to read the ingredient labels of your personal care products please refer to Nature’s Pulchritude’s series on How to Read Cosmetic Ingredient Labels.


Do you care about the ingredients in your products?

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