Pulchritude: Olive Tree

Olive Tree in Zakynthos, Greece

The Olive Tree is the ‘root’ from which olives originate.  Prior to being pressed, bottled, and sold as a cooking oil, used an ingredient in a multitude of hair and skin products, or being used in whole form in foods and salads, olives were existing in nature on the Olive tree (Olea Europaea).  Olive trees can be found in the Mediterranean, North Africa, Arabia, South West China, Southern Africa, and East Africa, which compromise 6 subspecies of Olea Europaea.  There are olive trees throughout its habitats that are several thousand years old.  Olive oil production is believed to date back to 4500 BC.

2 thoughts on “Pulchritude: Olive Tree”

  1. We hit on some similar head space today. 🙂 I saw a video of a family being relocated in Palestine. They were tearing down his house but he was crying the most for his olive trees. These trees are gorgeous. They have a beautiful bark structure that just swirls its way up.

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