What Should Consumers Do To Get Safe Cosmetics Legislation?

In a recent trip to the store, I noticed that about 95% of the skin care products contained questionable ingredients.  One, maybe two, products were ‘clean’ out of at least 40 products–including some of the “natural” brands.  The same ingredients are in each skin care product category.  If a consumer is looking for a quality beauty or personal care product with quality ingredients, should they be obligated to go to a specialty store or order online?  Why are companies allowed to market their products as ‘natural’ when they contain chemicals that negatively impact human health (or are just ineffective)?

Take a look at the products offered in you average retail store, the prevalence of the problem should really sink in.  I’ve noticed a significant amount of traction behind the ban on animal testing from consumers and brands, however, most brands are conveniently silent on the issue of safer cosmetics.  There are many people who want to see a change; what should be done to ensure the promulgation of Safe Cosmetics Legislation?




2 thoughts on “What Should Consumers Do To Get Safe Cosmetics Legislation?”

  1. It certainly has to be a comprehensive move. Boycotts and DIY are helpful for individuals but in order to make a real impact with that approach we need significant numbers. The grassroots movements and bringing awareness can help on this end. Then people need to be vocal about what they want, email the companies and tell them their concerns. I’d also recommend purchasing from companies who offer safe products.

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