Preservatives in Natural Products

You may or may not have noticed that my posts for my series “The Globes” for February were scant–this was not intentional.  The vast majority of the product lines I was researching contained the same ingredient, which upon further research was a preservative listed under a trade name.  Initially, it seemed as if it was yet again another ‘hidden’ ingredient in “natural” hair products.  However, upon further research, though this particular preservative was most common, it was by no means the only one being used.  This extends into skin care as well.  Parabens have been the primary focus in addressing preservatives and chemicals in personal care products, however, their replacements may not be any better.  This is an example of why reading ingredient labels thoroughly, and having significant scientific basis for ‘condemning’ an ingredient is crucial.  Products that are sold commercially have to be preserved to assure their safety, therefore, cosmetic chemists replace parabens with something that can be equally as bad, unbeknownst to the average consumer who is assured by the label ‘paraben free,’ which does not mean preservative free.  The primary focus of Nature’s Pulchritude is to educate.  I want to make sure that you (and I) understand the impacts, if any, of any preservative in products on the market, whether marketed as natural organic or otherwise, before you purchase a product that contains them.  This post has been long in the making and is the precursor to a series of in depth posts that will educate you about the various preservatives in hair and skin products, as well as their potential toxicity.

Did you know that your products contained non paraben preservatives that can also impact your health?  What are some preservatives you know that are used in personal care products?


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