Spring Fling: Produce

Today is the first day of spring.  Typically this means warmer temperatures, light colors, and an assortment of delicious in season fruits and vegetables.  Though many produce items are available year round, buying produce in season has various benefits.  Seasonal fruits and vegetables typically taste better, are less expensive, and are more likely grown locally, which not only supports local farmers but decreases the amount of energy required to transport agricultural products.


Strawberries (High in vitamin C and folate)

Apricots (High in vitamins A and C, Good source of potassium and fiber)

Honeydew Melon (High in Vitamin C)

Mangos (High in Vitamin A, Good source of Vitamin C)

Oranges (High in vitamin C, Good source of dietary fiber)

Pineapples (High in vitamin C)


Artichokes (Good source of  dietary fiber, vitamin C, folate, and magnesium)

Asparagus (High in folate, good source of vitamins A and C)

Broccoli (High in folate and vitamin C, good source of dietary fiber and potassium)

Collard Greens (High in vitamins A and C, folate, Good source of calcium and fiber)

Corn (Good source of vitamin C, buy Organic if possible)

Green Beans (Good source of fiber and vitamin C)

Rhubarb (Good source of vitamin C, potassium, and manganese)

Peas (High in vitamin C, Good source of vitamin A, folate, and fiber)

Spinach (High in vitamins A and C, folate, iron, dietary fiber, fiber, Good source of magnesium)

What are your favorite spring fruits and vegetables, and recipes?

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