Pulchritude: Water

Water (H2O) is one of the essential building blocks of this planet and all of the flora and fauna that encompass its lands.  It is believed to have originated along with the creation of the universe.  Water makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface, of which 96.5% is in the oceans and seas, 1.7% is from groundwater, and 1.7% in glacier and ice caps.  Of all available freshwater on this planet, only 0.3% is readily available for human consumption, with the remaining 98.8% contained in ice and glaciers.  Water makes up approximately 78% of the human body.  To survive we must replenish our bodies with this vital substance.  Without water, the trees, plants, crops, and flowers that enrich and nourish us and other animals on this planet would cease to exist.  As spring is upon us, the lands need to be replenished and with rain the landscape will begin to flourish.

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