Earth Day Challenge


I challenge you to celebrate Earth Day today by simply being conscious.  Conscious of all the things that you do that require a natural resource and/or negatively impact the environment.  Some environmentally friendly activities have become common: reduce your water, electricity, and gasoline usage; reuse or recycle; eat locally etc.  Today I challenge you to dig a little deeper.  While all of the aforementioned things are important to do to help conserve natural resources, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Where does your electricity come from?  Chances are it comes from a fossil fuel (coal, oil, gas), which are the biggest threat to the environment and their use are causing anthropogenic climate change.  Where do your produce, meats, and packed foods come from?  Unless you are buying local, chances are it is being shipped using fossil fuels–even if it grown organically.  Where is the fabric from your clothes sourced?  Hopefully its not from recently converted forests which caused species loss, but agricultural land, even though that too is likely shipped using fossil fuels.  Where do the ingredients in you personal care products come from?  If they are natural ingredients, they grew somewhere.  Even if that natural ingredient was grown organic, it was likely shipped, manufactured, and distributed using fossil fuels.  Synthetic materials are no better as they are often manufactured using fossil fuels too.

Think about the computer, tablet, smartphone or other gadget you are reading this very post on.  What is in that electronic device?  Minerals, hopefully sourced from stable regions.  Mining is one of the most environmentally damaging practices that exist.  Those minerals are then transported, processed, and manufactured using fossil fuels, and hopefully involved no human rights abuses.  What about the electricity or battery that is allowing your computer, tablet, or phone to function?  That, too, is powered by fossil fuels and other natural resources.  My point is for you to really think about the role the environment and its resources enrich your life and how in turn you or the products you buy are reciprocating that enrichment.  Today I challenge you to live consciously in honor of Earth Day.  Hopefully this will not be a one time state of consciousness, but a lifestyle change.  After all, we cannot appreciate Nature’s Pulchritude if nature is continuously degraded?


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