Pulchritude: Kukui Tree


Kukui or Candlenut Trees are best known in southeast Asia and the Hawaiian islands for its use as a culinary ingredient, medicine, and cosmetic. Kukui trees grow between 49-82 feet in height, with leaves that grown 10-20 centimeters in length. The trees nut is typically 4-6 centimeters in diameter and encases a seed with a high oil content. Aleurites moluccanus is often used to make candles, which is why the true is sometimes called a Candlenut. Kukui nuts is used to make sauces and condiments in Hawaii, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and is used as a medicine in Japan. Kukui oil is believed to be rich in omega-3’s. The kukui tree serves a multitude of addition purposes. Its nuts were burned to provide light in ancient Hawaii, is presently used to make ink for tattoos, leis, and as a moisturizer on skin and hair. Kukui is the state tree of Hawaii.


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