The Secret to Soft, Supple Lips!

Pssst!  I’ve got a secret.  My lips are soft and supple!  Well that is not much of a secret–the secret is how to get soft, supple lips!  Some of you may remember a post I did sometime ago discussing my dissatisfaction with many lip balms, and that my lips were constantly dry and in great need of moisture.  Well, I finally figured out how to properly moisturize my lips and the result is soft, supple, lips!  The best thing is my secret utilizes natural ingredients!

Items You Will Need:
  1. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Preferably newly bought for freshness or less than 1 year old)
  2. Wet Hand Towel
  3. Water
If Starting with Lips that have Excess Dead Skin and Need Healing:

Step 1: Wet your lips with water, allow it to absorb about 75%.
Step 2: Apply a generous amount of Coconut Oil to your lips and allow to soak in. This can be done before bed or during the day on a relaxed day.
Step 3: Repeat for approximately 1-2 weeks.
Step 4: Proceed to exfoliation.

You will know your lips are healed when the skin has considerably softened and you do not experience cracking. The moisture has been restored and the skin is now more pliable and soft.

If Starting with Relatively Healthy Lips:

Step 1: Wet your lips with cool water for hydration, let the water absorb.
Step 2: While in the shower use a wash cloth to DELICATELY exfoliate your lips in a side ti side motion.
Step 3: Apply more water to your lips and let it absorb about 90%,
Step 4: Apply a layer of organic virgin coconut oil, let absorb.
Step 5: Repeat as needed (every other day or every 3 days)


That’s it!  You now know the secret to soft, supple lips!  I find scrubs to be too harsh, even when applying minimal pressure.  The key factor in this was the organic virgin coconut oil.  It is amazing!  Once your lips are nice and soft put on your favorite lip balm/moisturizer, lip gloss, or lipstick and turn heads this summer (and beyond)!

Try this method out and let me know if it works for you!

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