Label Poise is LIVE!

cropped-napulg.jpgA little over a month ago I shared with you all that I would be making some changes to Nature’s Pulchritude.  The goal of these changes was to make the information more navigable and digestible.  Many of our established readers have likely figured out how to navigate the plethora of information we share, but I wanted to make sure that the education process was more gradual, especially for new readers.

Label Poise is a ‘phrase’ often used here and is most definitely a cornerstone of what Nature’s Pulchritude is about.  Label Poise is an individual experience shaped by general understanding.  In other words, the same label can be viewed in a variety of different ways depending on the consumer that is viewing it.  Good and bad ingredients are relative based on your safety gauge and what best works for you.

Label Poise is now LIVE!  It is your beginner’s manual in navigating the ever expanding world of ingredients.  It can be found under the Educate Yourself drop down menu or here.

Thank You for allowing Nature’s Pulchritude to be your guide on this journey! : )

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