Thanksgiving: A More Natural Approach!

Thanksgiving is a big day of food, family, friends–and did I mention food?  This Thanksgiving I encourage you to be mindful of the ingredients you use to make your favorite dishes.  Your food will taste just as good (if not better) with a few minor adjustments!


Turkey:  The turkey is the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving meals.  Consider purchasing a local, free range, and/or organic turkey!

Why?:  Most turkey are mass produced similar to other livestock and are likely feed vegetarian GMO diets.  The impacts of GMO feed on livestock and subsequently humans is not well known.

Stuffing:   Opt for organic milk and organic eggs in your cornbread.  Use organic chicken (or vegetable) broth in place of your usual.

Why?: Milk often contains artificial growth hormones (rBST) that currently have unknown impacts on humans.  Chickens tend to be mass produced in farms that feed the chickens a vegetarian GMO diet that often live in small cramped spaces.  Conventional eggs are produced by these chickens.

Macaroni & Cheese:  Opt for organic milk or heavy cream and organic butter.

Why?:  Milk used to make conventional butter typically contains rBST and other artificial growth hormones.  Cheese tends to be very crucial to macaroni and cheese so feel free to use your favorite brand!

Candied Yams/Sweet Potato Souffle:  Opt for organic or non GMO sugar!

Why?:  Sugar can be produced from genetically modified sugar beets.  Many bulk food retailers sell comparably priced organic, fair trade, and/or non-GMO sugars.  I highly suggest making a small batch to test the flavor and adjust quantities as necessary as these sugars can be coarser and contain molasses.

Mashed Potatoes:  Opt for organic butter & organic milk/cream.

Gravy:  Opt for organic chicken broth and butter.

Apple Pie:  Opt for non-GMO, fair trade, and/or organic sugar and organic butter.  Opt for non-GMO/organic apples if it suits your budget!

Pumpkin/Sweet Potato/Pecan Pie:  Opt for non-GMO, fair trade, and/or organic sugar and organic cream.  Opt for non-GMO/organic pumpkins or sweet potatoes if it suits your budget

No Copyright Infringement Intended

Seafood:  Many like to incorporate seafood into their Thanksgiving meals in a variety of ways.  Opt for wild caught fish and certified sustainably produced shellfish.

Why?:  Most shellfish imported into the US comes from southeast Asia where farming sanitary conditions are very poor and antibiotic use is high.


These are all minor fixes that won’t break the bank.  Of course, you could buy all ingredients for your feast non-GMO or organic, and purchase local when accessible if you’d like!


How do you make your Thanksgiving more natural?

Thank you for reading!

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