Product Review: Radha Argan Oil

These items were provided by Radha Beauty for review. All opinions are that of Nature’s Pulchritude and have not be influenced in any way, shape, or form.


Product Details

Consistency: Liquid
Color: Yellow
Scent: None
Environmentally Friendly?: Yes, Recyclable Glass Container.
Animal Testing?: No.


This is a really great oil!  It is slightly more viscous than olive oil and has no smell.  It absorbs well into hair.

1 Globe


This product can be used for hair or skin.  I used this product on the ends of my hair and have already seen a reduction in split and broken ends!  Amazing!

1 Globe



This product is only 1 ingredient, pure Argan Oil!  The bottle of this product says “100% organic” but it does not have a seal of the organization that certified it.  Being that the argan oil is imported from Morocco, it is possible it was certified there, thus not having the USDA seal.

.8 Globes

2.8/3 Globes

Overall, this is an excellent product and will most definitely be a staple in my hair regimen!  I will see how it does on skin and will update this post!

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