Pulchritude: Dead Sea

No Copyright Infringement Intended

The Dead Sea is best known as one of the most saline bodies of water on the planet. The Dead Sea is had an approximate salinity of 34% in 2011. The high salinity of the Dead Sea is a difficult environment for flora and fauna to survive, hence its common name. The Dead Sea has no outflows to other bodies of water (endorheic) and is located between the African and Arabian Plates, bordering Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. The Dead Sea Salt and Mud are frequently used in cosmetics and skin care due to the high mineral content and believed therapeutic and healing ability. The volume of the Dead Sea has steadily declined over several decades due to diversion of its source input the Jordan River. The Dead Sea is being used as a source of freshwater (once desalinized) by various countries due to water scarcity in the region. The Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world with a depth of 997 feet (304 meters).


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