Review: Dr. Bronners Orange Ginger Organic Lip Balm

Dr. Bronner’s Orange Ginger Organic Lip Balm

This product was purchased by Nature’s Pulchritude. All opinions are that of Nature’s Pulchritude and have not be influenced in any way, shape, or form.


Who doesn’t want soft supple lips? A good lip balm will moisturize your lips upon application, keep them soft even once the lip balm absorbs into your lips, and keeps dry, cracked, chapped lips at bay. This lip balm delivered! I have spoken in the past about less than favorable experiences with other products and I am elated to have found this product!


This is a very high quality product. It moisturizes my lips and I have not experienced any allergic reactions.

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The listed scent is orange ginger, but the scent of this is all ginger! The orange is much more subtle, if at all noticeable. I tried this flavor because it was different–how often do you see a ginger lip balm?! The scent/flavor can be a bit strong at times and lingers for maybe 20 minutes. It is not enough to give you a headache, but it can be a little overwhelming some days. The good think is that this product is naturally scented so you don’t have o worry about synthetic chemicals!

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The lip balm applies smoothly and is very light on the lips! Beeswax is not the primary ingredient so you don’t feel a ‘heaviness’ on your lips. The beeswax is just enough to keep the lip balm solid, even in warmer temperatures.

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This product has 7 ingredients, 6 of which are organic. This Orange Ginger Organic Lip Balm is certified organic and non-GMO project verified. For more detailed information about the ingredients for this product read Label Poise 44.

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3.9/4 Globes
Nature’s Pulchritude All-Star!

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