First Impression: Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty officially launched their product lines last week.  These are my first impression of the products!

Marketing & Branding

  • The color scheme for the product line is neutral, which is quite different from how many other beauty brands are marketed
  • I am glad the company is showcasing various ethnicities
  • They only offer skin and makeup products.  Hair is the big ‘beauty’ segment that is missing, which will likely follow if the initial product lines are successful.
  • Honest Beauty is really showcasing Jessica Alba in the marketing as she is featured in 80% of the marketing on the site.  Most lines hire models, however, featuring her is clearly strategic and a part of branding.

Our Story

Honest Beauty’s tag line is “…doing beauty differently.  We’re proud to create a comprehensive line of skincare and makeup that celebrates diverse beauty and brings out your best.” 

They are definitely taking a step in the right direction, but their foundation offerings are limited.  I do not have a shade match, but that can somewhat be chalked up to them being new.  Hopefully, a wider variety of colors will launch if this venture is a success.

“Effective as it is safe.”  This is a meaningful statement.  All of the top beauty brands are effective but most are not “safe.”  This is the goal for most brands within the natural/safe/healthy beauty niche. 

Social Goodness

It is commendable that a portion of their proceeds goes to helping young women pursue their dreams.  Unfortunately, it does not disclose what percentage, inclined to believe it is less than 1%.

Beauty Bundle

Customized products?  Up to a 50% discount?  Yes and Yes!  However 3 products for $50?  No thanks!  My only question is how customized are the bundles?  Is it a “skin type, skin tone” auto selected bundle or can customers select which products they want in their bundle?  This is the model they have for their free trial.  However, this seems like a good deal if a customer likes their products and doesn’t mind the price!

Skin Care

Price points are too high.  There are certified organic products that are not as expensive for the same size.

Powder cleanser is very different, it looks like it may be an add water scrub?

Interesting that SPF moisturizers are included considering the scandal over the Honest Company sunscreens not actually providing sun protection.  It is also interesting that they contain non-nano zinc oxide which can leave a white hue on medium to dark skin tones.

Just to reiterate on the prices.  1.7 ounces for $22?  1 ounce of $34 and the product contains Dimethicone?


Makeup has a wider offering of products, face, eyes, cheeks, and lips.  The price points of the makeup is also too high.  The price is on par with established prestige beauty brands who have a broader following.  The pricing is presumably because Honest Beauty wants to be held in the same regard as those prestige brands, but those other brands are proven to be effective.

The ingredients of the lip pencil and blush look pretty good.  The colors are the typical variation of pink and red for lip and blush.  The ingredients of the lip gloss are a little concerning.


What are your thoughts on Honest Beauty’s product launch?


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