Product Review: Zoya Armor (Lidia Preview)

Product Review: Zoya Armor Brand: Zoya Product: Armour ZoyaArmor4 Every nail polish aficionado knows that a good top coat is everything.  A good top coat adds shine, protects your nail color, extends wear, and preferably dries quickly though all layers of polish.  After my main top coat in rotation ran out, I decided to try a new top coat.  What better than a big 5 free top coat from one of my favorite nail brands?

“Nails are ready to take on the world with Zoya Armor Topcoat & UV Blocker. Add a protective, ultra-glossy, flexible shine to nail color and prevent exposure to yellowing UV rays. The super-brilliant, ultra-strong and flexible topcoat provides a chip-free coating to defend nail color against wear and tear.”

Bottle Shot
Bottle Shot

Formula The formula is easy to work with, it is not as thick as other top coats but at the same time is not thin.  This product lived up to part of its claims and maintained the integrity of the nail color it was applied to and did not yellow at all.

.7 Globe

Application Applying this top coat was very straight forward, it applies evenly in 2-3 brush strokes

1 Globe

Shine Armour leaves a nice shine on the nails rigt after application and after completely drying.

1 Globe

Zoya Armor over Zoya Lidia
Zoya Armor over Zoya Lidia

Wear “Chip-free coating to defend against wear and tear?’  “Armour” is nothing short of a misnomer.  I can overlook this polish taking 3+ hours (!!!!) to dry, which resulted in a small nick in my polish, but this product did NOT protect my nail polish!  My polished chipped within 24 hours!  This is simply unacceptable!  I have tested this product with Zoya and other salon quality polishes with the same results.

.2 Globes

Tip-wear chipping within 24 hours
Tip-wear chipping within 24 hours

EnviroFactor ZoyaArmor3 The polish is big 5 free as it contains no Formaldehyde, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Tolune, or Dibutyl Phthalate.  The remaining ingredients are typical of what you would find in a nail polish and some are likely toxic to the lungs and nervous system, which is not at all surprising considering it is nail polish.  It is best to polish nails in a well ventilated area and do not inhale over an open bottle.

.8 Globes

If I had no prior experience with Zoya products I would be turned off from the brand, however, all of their polishes have been great albeit this is the first top/base coat or treatment I have used from the brand.  I had to go and buy another bottle of my usual top coat weeks after purchasing this product. This product retails for $10 and should be of much better quality, period.  Armour is part of Zoya’s color lock system and is followed by quick dry drops.  It should be noted these quick dry drops retail for $16 for .5 ounce bottle.  :/  I will not be purchasing this product again nor will I try the quick dry drops

3.7/5 Globes


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